mangOH Virtual Machine


mangOH Virtual Machine

Optionally, for those of you who prefer to develop on a virtual machine, we have prepared a VM image for mangOH development. The guest OS is 64-bit Ubuntu 18.04. You can run this VM under Mac OSX, Windows or Linux. Note: The VM image is approximately 2 GB.

Instructions for the VM

  1. Download VirtualBox from
  2. Install VirtualBox
  3. Download the .ova VM file
  4. Optional: Verify that the SHA-2 checksum of the .ova file is
  5. In VirtualBox: “File > Import Appliance” and select the .ova file
  6. Right click the newly imported VM, choose “Settings… > Network > Advanced” and check that “Cable Connected” is checked (see screenshot)

mangOH VM for Orange™ LTE-M Starter Kit

For those of you who are working with Orange™ LTE-M Starter Kit, please follow the Getting Started section from here, specifically 1.3 mangOH Virtual Machine.