mangOH Red Google Hangouts

April 10, May 23 and July 5 2018

Our mangOH Red community is made up of passionate developers and we’re constantly inspired by the feedback that we get back on the forum. We want to take our interaction to the next level – live video chats via Google Hangouts.

In these Hangouts, we’ll provide step-by-step direction and help you get the most out of your mangOH Red. Join us for these three upcoming Google Hangouts to get answers to your questions.

April 10, 8AM PST – User experience for sensor data to cloud with mangOH Red. Get step-by-step instructions on how to order and get started with mangOH Red and see your sensor data in the cloud. Join us as we walk through the full mangOH Red experience in this session.

May 23, 8AM PST – My journey with mangoh. Ask a developer session, plus guest experts talk about their solutions. Hear from Brandon Wright, CEO of smart boat solutions provider, and Chuck Link, President/CTO of M2MD Technologies, about how they used the open source mangOH Red to build their platforms. Sierra Wireless CTO Philippe Guillemette will also join the session to talk about the mangOH ecosystem.

July 18 – How to add multiple IoT expansion card drivers to the mangOH Red platform.  Join the mangOH team and learn how to add out of tree drivers for CAN, Ethernet and Wi-Fi IoT Expansion cards using loadable modules on mangOH.

August 21 – Building a mobile asset tracker with mangOH Red and LPWA. We’ll follow up on questions posed during our mobile asset tracking webinar on June 21.


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