From idea to prototype to product, mangOH® is industrial-grade open source hardware designed to address common IoT pain points and deliver 90% of your prototype out-of-the-box so you can focus your time and resources building the next killer IoT application and bringing your products to market sooner.

mangOH Workflow


Got an idea for an IoT product?  mangOH provides all the resources you need to turn your idea into reality.


With 90% of the hardware and software development done for you already, mangOH allows you to focus your development effort on getting to market faster by rapidly iterating your product concept.


With the hard work of industrial-grade IoT design, mangOH provides the fastest and most cost-effective workflow from prototype to product.

Build Industrial-Grade Wireless IoT Solutions with mangOH®

The CF3™ Engine

Common flexible form factor (CF3) modules power mangOH platforms with application processing and wireless connectivity. The CF3 sockets let you add any CF3 module based on your application needs.

Built-in Extensibility

IoT Expansion Cards let you add any combination of wired, wireless and sensor technologies in a plug and play format. You can also add any Arduino Shield (mangOH Green) or connect multiple HATs using the 26-pin Raspberry Pi-compatible connector (mangOH Red).

Built-in Connectivity

mangOH connects to any 2G, 3G or 4G LTE mobile networks in the world with the CF3-based modules from Sierra Wireless giving you access to network services using simple APIs to enable voice calls, SMS text messages or data packs.

Application Development

The open source Legato™ embedded platform is integrated in the CF3-based modules from Sierra Wireless and the Linux operating system loads the necessary drivers so you can start writing software immediately.

Integrated Cloud Services

mangOH delivers your prototype and sensor data to the cloud with built-in libraries to securely send your sensor and product data to AirVantage or other cloud platforms. The big data storage and web-based APIs make it easy to retrieve your IoT data.

Open Source License

Released under the business-friendly Creative Commons Attribution license, you are free to modify and reproduce any mangOH design to build industrial-grade commercial products with no restrictions.

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mangOH® Lovers

The powerful and feature-rich hardware platform is complemented with an equally impressive software platform, and backed by a knowledgeable and steadily growing community.
Raffaele Lacobelli


mangOH + Legato proves that Smart sensors to advanced IOT implementation can be simple, secure, and cost effective so we can’t contemplate our new telematics gateway without this.
Niladri Mahapatra

Mahindra Electric Telematics Team

Getting Started

mangOH® Yellow

Build low-power IoT applications that can run for 10 years on a battery with the newest and smallest mangOH platform for sending edge data to the cloud. Smaller than a credit card, mangOH® Yellow has more than 15 sensors and actuators built in and fully integrated.

mangOH® Red

The credit-card-size compact mangOH enables 10-year battery life for low-power IoT applications. The power-efficient, industrial-grade reference design is built with all the capabilities you need to send your IoT sensor data to the cloud.

mangOH® Green

The most flexible and expandable mangOH that fits in any standard Eurocard case to rapidly prototyping ideas and send your IoT sensor data to the cloud.

IoT Expansion Cards

All mangOH boards include open source industrial connector to plug in any IoT Expansion Card and remove the complexity of adding more wired, wireless, and sensor technologies to your application.