Mobile IoT Innovators Challenge Application

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  • Executive Summary

    Here is your chance to give us a clear and comprehensive outline of your solution. Please include a description of the following:

  • Describe how you are currently operating your business, identify revenue sources, customer base, products, the nature of your technology and details of financing. Include what research has been conducted, what remains to be done, and how and when you anticipate doing so. What key sources are included to document and support your plan?
  • Describe the development stage of your solution and what cellular technologies or products you are using today. Highlight the innovation part and the various forms of intellectual property you own or plan to develop.
  • Tell us who is on your team. Describe the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Include the credentials of your technical and management teams. If you do not have a team, describe the key positions and critical skill sets that need to be added.

  • Project Evaluation

    This portion of your submission is to evaluate the “fitness” of your business idea against a panel of experienced peers. It must be no more than five (5) pages long and must answer the questions in the order listed in the Submission Application document . Your entry will be read by as many as six judges, and they will assess your proposal primarily according to the criteria.

  • Link to your document (PDF or doc).
  • Record a 60-second (max) elevator pitch video based on your proposal. Note: your video pitch will not be formally scored but is highly recommended.


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