mangOH™ Red

Build low-power IoT applications that can run for 10 years on a battery with the newest and smallest mangOH platform and send your IoT sensor data to the cloud.

  • Credit card size form-factor ideal for rapidly building proof-of-concepts;
  • A snap-in socket to add any CF3™-compatible modules, including wireless modules (2G to 4G & LTE-M/NB-IoT) to achieve up to 10 years of battery life;
  • An IoT Expansion Card slot to plug in any technology based on the IoT Expansion Card open standard;
  • An Integrated Sierra Wireless Smart SIM with up to 100 MB free data, depending on region, and can also be used with any commercially available SIM;
  • Integrated with the AirVantage IoT platform to create, deploy and manage solutions in the cloud;
  • Built-in Wi-Fi b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.2 BLE with a Cortex M4 to provide real-time access to I/O; and
  • Built-in Accelerometer/Gyroscope, Pressure and Light sensors along with a 26-pin Raspberry Pi-compatible connector.

Hardware Features

CF3™ socket

mangOH Red connects to any 2G, 3G or 4G LTE mobile networks in the world with the CF3 based wireless modules from Sierra Wireless.

SIM Card Slot

This slot allows you to utilize the Smart SIM card and its Connectivity Service that delivers multi-operator coverage, superior data service quality, and resilience to outages.

IoT Expansion Card Connector

The IoT Expansion card connector lets you add any combination of wired, wireless and sensor technologies to your board.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity built-in, you can develop wireless products without any expertise in connecting to mobile or PAN networks.

Built-in IMU and Sensors

mangOH Red is equipped with an inertial measurement unit (accelerometer and gyroscope) as well as built-in sensors for temperature, light and air pressure.

Cortex®-M4 with RTOS

The Cortex-M4 processor runs real-time operating system—process real-time applications’ data as it comes in with minimum delays.

Audio Jack

The built-in audio jack allows mangOH Red to make two-way voice calls.

USB Connectivity to a Console

Start writing your software immediately with the open-source Legato Linux platform, fully integrated on mangOH Red. Simply connect the board to a console via USB connector.

MicroSD Slot

mangOH Red offers a microSD slot for easy off-line updates and storage.

Battery Connector

The board can operate on single cell Lithium polymer, DC power supply or USB. There is a battery charger for charging the battery as well.

3D-printable Case Designs

To make it easy to test your prototypes in the market, use a 3D printer to make your own custom 3D case.

Raspberry Pi Shield Connector

Thanks to the 26-pin Raspberry Pi-compatible connector, you can connect multiple HATs (Hardware Attached on Top) to your design.

Integrated Software and Cloud Options

As an open hardware platform, mangOH™ partners with other hardware, software, and cloud providers to make it even easier for you to get to market quickly. Contact us if you’re interested in integrating your solutions on mangOH.

Open Source Linux

The Legato™ embedded platform simplifies application-level development with a secure application framework, maintained Linux distribution, and feature-rich development environment.

Integrated Cloud Services

mangOH Red delivers your prototype and sensor data to the cloud with built-in libraries to securely send your data to AirVantage or other cloud platforms. The big data storage and web-based APIs make it easy to retrieve your IoT data.

Getting Started


[beginner developer]

Just got your own mangOH? Follow our tutorials to get up and running quickly.


[beginner developer]

Ready to make your own code tweaks? Follow our tutorials and start customizing your mangOH.


[intermediate developer]

Prefer to start with pre-cooked solutions? Follow our recipes to build your IoT applications.


[expert embedded]

Want to dive deep into the low-level drivers? Follow our tutorials to take complete control of your mangOH.

Development Resources

Community Support


The constant addition of new APIs for the mangOH board have made programing the board that much easier.

Kasriel Lewis

The powerful and feature-rich hardware platform is complemented with an equally impressive software platform, and backed by a knowledgeable and steadily growing community.

Raffaele Lacobelli


Legato and the mangOH platform enabled us to rapidly bring together a proof of concept for our customer while their final specifications were still evolving.

David Clement

Managing Director, Renfell

This is a fantastic development board to use if you want to design an end-to-end solution with great ease.


element14 community member

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