IoT Expansion Cards

IoT expansion cards enable industrial-grade and cost-efficient IoT connectors sensors and networks connectivity modules for your IoT projects.


The IoT Expansion Card form factor represents an open hardware standard for sensors, network adapters, and other IoT technologies that can be “plugged” into host applications (e.g. hardware development board) to provide new features and interfaces. As a family, IoT Expansion Cards share a standardized footprint and pinout, with several interfaces to support various IoT technologies.

Rationale for the IoT Expansion Card Form Factor

The IoT Expansion Card form factor is designed to be a cost-competitive solution for several current and emerging market demands for host applications, including:

  • On-demand hardware applications – The same host application can be used for different market segments by including unique expansion card solutions for each segment. For example, a Wi-Fi / Bluetooth solution for one segment and an environmental sensor for another segment.
  • Electrical and feature compatibility across IoT technologies – Availability of several data interfaces allows support for various IoT solutions. For example, digital audio over PCM, application control and data transfer over USB, etc.
  • Enables Configure/Built to Order.
  • Accommodates various PAN technologies, sensors, and other IoT applications.

Using the IoT Expansion Card’s modular design, all actors of the M2M value chain can benefit:

  • Host applications can, without requiring redesign, inherit new features and inter­faces for their products.
  • Technology specialists such as PAN, LPRF, Industrial Fieldbuses or sensors can bring their expansion cards to market.
  • System integrators and end customers can easily combine host applications and expansion cards to fit their specialized needs.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

The constant addition of new APIs for the mangOH board have made programing the board that much easier.
Kasriel Lewis

Legato and the mangOH platform enabled us to rapidly bring together a proof of concept for our customer while their final specifications were still evolving.
David Clement

Managing Director, Renfell

This is a fantastic development board to use if you want to design an end-to-end solution with great ease.

element14 community member