mangOH™ is a family of open source hardware platforms for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) that turn your ideas into commercial products quickly by delivering 90% of your prototype out-of-the-box.

Open Source

Business friendly license so you can copy, modify, and build commercial products based on a mangOH.


Flexible enough for you to prototype any IoT use-cases based on wired, wireless, and sensor technologies.


BOM is made up of vetted, industrial-grade components to quickly turn your prototypes into products.


mangOH™ Red

Red is the ideal mangOH platform for enabling low-power IoT applications with all the capabilities that the industrial maker community need for collecting and sending IoT sensor data to the cloud.

mangOH™ Green

Green is the first mangOH platform that offers unprecedented flexibility and expandability for sending IoT sensor data to the cloud and fits in any standard Eurocard case.

IoT Expansion Cards

All mangOH boards include open source industrial connector to plugin any IoT Expansion Card and remove the complexity of adding more wired, wireless, and sensor technologies to your application.

Getting Started

Go ahead, build something new! To get up and running quickly on your first mangOH™ board, check out our resources section and follow its discovery tutorials and step-by-step instructions.


Recent News and Events

The constant addition of new APIs for the mangOH board have made programming the board that much easier. Kasriel Lewis

This is a fantastic development board to use if you want to design an end-to-end solution with great ease. Shabaz

element14 community member