mangOH™ Green

mangOH™ Green cuts through the hype of IoT by delivering a complete sensor-to-cloud platform
that allows you to test and prototype ideas in weeks instead of months and get-to-market in months instead of years.

 hardware features

Eurocard format

100mm x 120mm (4in x 4.75in) standard Eurocard format

3 IoT Connector slots

3 IoT Connectors slots QSFP+ (industrial-grade) to connect sensors, networks, with hot plugin feature

2 CF3 connectors

2 CF3 connectors (industrial-grade) for application processors and wireless modules

1 Arduino compatible connector

1 Arduino compatible connector supporting Arduino compatible shields

USB / RS232 / RJ45 / Audio

1 USB 2.0 Micro, 1 RS232/Serial, 1 RJ45/Ethernet, 1 Audio Jack

SD Card

Micro SD Card slot

cellular and GPS

3 U.FL antenna connectors: primary, secondary/diversity, GPS/GNSS. SMA option available

on-board sensors

Accelerometer and gyroscope


Battery enabled and battery charging management

 software features

Partnering with the open source Legato™ Linux platform on the WP Series of embedded modules from Sierra Wireless, mangOH Green developers can begin creating their software and web applications immediately. The Arduino compatible connectors and IoT Connectors make any combination of wireless, wired, and sensor technology easy to add with: