mangOH™ Green Resources

Getting Started

To get up and running quickly on your first mangOH™ Green board, feel free to follow these discovery tutorials and step-by-step instructions.

Getting Started with mangOH

Now that you have your mangOH Green, it’s time to start using it.
When you finish this tutorial, you will know how to assemble the mangOH Green, prepare your computer for Legato development, and develop, install, and run applications on the mangOH Green, and connect to the IoT Cloud via AirVantage, which is Sierra Wireless’ cloud-based services platform for over-the-air (OTA) device management.

Important: Open the tutorial for the computer type (Linux computer, or Windows computer with a Linux virtual machine) and Legato interface (CLI—Command Line Interface) you want to use with your mangOH Green.

To get maximum benefit from this tutorial, you are strongly recommended to carefully follow the procedures as described, since the tutorial continually builds on earlier procedures and results. If you skip steps or use alternate methods, you may encounter difficulty completing the tutorial.

Linux computer + Legato CLI


Legato Virtual Machines


Optionally, for those of you who prefer to develop on a virtual machine, we have prepared a VM image for mangOH development. The guest OS is 64-bit Ubuntu 16.04. You can run this VM under Mac OSX, Windows or Linux. Note: The VM image is approximately 2 GB.



Instructions for the VM


  • Download VirtualBox from
  • Install VirtualBox
  • Download the .ova VM file
  • In VirtualBox: “File > Import Appliance” and select the .ova file
    Right click the newly imported VM, choose “Settings… > Network > Advanced” and check that “Cable Connected” is checked (see screenshot)