IoT open source hardware platform

From idea to prototype to production, mangOH™ reference designs provide industrial-grade,
sensor-to-cloud platforms for building wireless IoT solutions.

Learn about mangOH Red at Sierra IoT Developer Day, San Jose, Dec-6
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 project mangOH™

Project mangOH™ is a new category of open source hardware platforms for the Internet-of-Things (IoT). The design philosophy behind Project mangOH is simple:

Project mangOH designs deliver 90% of your prototype out-of-the-box so that software developers can build reliable IoT solutions easily and hardware designers can customize it to create new hardware IoT devices easily.

The first design, mangOH Green, was announced in June 2015 and those boards are now being manufactured and new technologies are being added thanks to a growing ecosystem of project members.

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Project mangOH is currently supported by the following project members: element14, Freescale®, Talon Communications, Renfell Innovation, Linear Technology, Sierra Wireless®, Texas Instruments®.

Project members work hands-in-hands to enhance mangOH designs, get the boards manufactured, tested and distributed worldwide, add nes IoT connectors (sensors, networks, etc...) and code samples, and promote open hardware.

Want to join the effort and/or contribute to an IoT connector for mangOH? leave us a comment  

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Watch these videos on mangOH initiative presented during Sierra Wireless Innovation Summit 2015 in Paris, and learn more about mangOH and the ecosystem.

 technical overview

mangOH designs are built around the following components:

The first reference design released is called mangOH Green and is now available.

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 opensource license

mangOH reference design is provided with a business friendly open source license. You are free to copy, modify, distribute, with absolutely no constraint on the resulting product, including commercial usage of it.

CC Attribution License
mangOH resources are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License   based on a work at  
Open Source Hardware
mangOH complies with the Open Source Hardware Definition   from the Open Source HardWare Association (OSHWA).